Interpreting the contemporary feel of the future Rationalism with a minimalist twist broaches a stylistic harmony made possible by delicate pencil strokes. This collection has a strong styling impact, whereby the elegance of the tops, the fine finishes and the impeccable workmanship generate the perfect combination of function and design, visual appeal and technological research.

Expanding the surrounding space Elements are independent or grouped together to create executive work environments. The furnishings are outlined by areas which boldly state their usage value. The spacious desks are equipped with functional storage with efficiency in mind.

Great simplicity for total practicality and rational use of the various workstation solutions. The characteristic flexibility of accessories and supports allows maximum efficiency even in smaller spaces.

The island for important decisions Fine materials and excellent finishes - metal, leather, wood finish - mark the boundaries of a design with a strong identity in craftsmanship tradition, in the ability to communicate and above all in the superior quality of the product.

Class above all. Strikingly simple in its design, a rational layout, a scrupulous sense of proportion and doubtless styling value all come together in this timeless project, dedicated to managers who are always keeping up with the latest developments at work.

available in additional colours and/or styles, contact bloom for more info