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The history of Olivieri is the history of a family that since 1929 is able to express trend at its best and how to live your home, previously only in Italy and now worldwide.


Four generations have been succeed. The founder Gregorio Olivieri, class 1908, was only 9 years old when he began to make the first solid wood materials fasciated by the their beauty. In no time he understood that his passion was connected to the furniture’s world.



In 1929 he created his first laboratory that in few years became a carpentry with 120 employees acknowledged in whole Italy.



In 1949, at the age of 13, also Gregorio’s son, Tullio, began to word side by side with his father. In the years after, Tullio his self was the main creator of the carpentry in the industrial sector. He immediately showed his self as a brilliant innovator and he developed new wood processing methods never seen before.



In a short time the sales network developed and in 1967, with his wife Teresa, made build a new factory. Really revolutionary for that time.



In the mid-1980s Tullio Olivieri had a new bright idea: the discovery and the beginning of a new partnership with a young architect at the beginning of his carreer: Giuseppe Bavuso. A bright develop followed.



After the untimely end of Tullio, the new helms of the company have been his sons Cinzia, Marco and Enrica. Under their direction with Giuseppe Bavuso, new important partnerships with prestigious designer of the italian interior design began. They were world wide known architects like Carlo Colombo, Giuseppe Viganò, Enrico Cesana, Leone & Mazzari. During these years, Olivieri’s supply increased exponentially and its characteristic will always be its tight connection to the modernity.



While Marco mostly dedicates himself to the organization and production part, majoring in contract progects, Cinzia takes care of the italian sales network and opens the first international markets. She shows her deep abitily to understand the buisiness questions, anticipating and re-interpreting the living trends.



After a company’s reorganization, the current business partners are Marco and Erica, who respectively dedicate themselves to general direction and administradive part. The commercial and marketing direction are entrusted to the nephew Michele Sartini who, very young and after an internship, dedicates himself to international markets developing and since 2014 runs the whole commercial and marketing network. With Marco Olivieri he creates the perfect mix of experience and dinamism, creative and tecnical elements, commercial and production activity.Along with Marco Olivieri form the right mix of experience and dynamism, creative component and technical, sales and production. By their intuition was born in 2014 the VERY WOOD project. A project in which the corporate image and the new collections are of high standard and in which all the company’s values are well expressed. Today Olivieri brand is appreciated in more than 50 countries worldwide, and in February 2014 was inaugurated the first corporate flagship in Milan, in via Solferino, Brera.



During the pandemic, in 2020, the ambitious and revolutionary project Dress Code was born. The starting ambition was to industrialize the world of custom projects. By not only focusing on individual products, but on the entire space as one seamless concept. The aim of this project is to create a collection that fills a market void in the world of made-to-measure projects, allowing for the design of complete spaces from floor to ceiling by combining a range of inspiring standard elements together with customisable ones. Everything with the aim of optimising time, quality and costs.



Olivieri speeds up its growth with a brand identity restyling which includes the launch of the new company logo and the opening of a Flagship store in Milan, via Carducci 38.