Kenneth Cobonpue

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Globally-recognized Filipino furniture designer and creative director Kenneth Cobonpue brings a modern edge to an ageless craft. At the helm of KENNETHCOBONPUE®, he creates functional art that has garnered him multiple awards from around the world. With a background in Industrial Design, and influenced by his experiences in artisanal workshops from the Philippines to Europe to North America, Cobonpue has built a career in unique, stunning, organic design. His work is showcased at the world’s most sought-after industry shows. A champion of Southeast Asian design, Cobonpue is often interviewed for leading publications and programs, or invited to speak in person, about emergent design from traditional economies. KENNETHCOBONPUE® weaves an impressive balance between whimsy and function, elevating folk art to iconic levels. With an emphasis on incorporating traditional techniques, KENNETHCOBONPUE® rattan furniture and decorative pieces highlight the limitless possibilities of modern design.