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The quality of our products lies in the wealth of all we have experienced in 60 years of life as a company, while always making what we loved – chairs – experimenting and innovating with passion.

From the Sixties up till today, our common thread has traditionally been steel, combined with a variety of materials to interpret contemporary design concepts that blend craftsmanship and industrial production. Arrmet’s initial curious and innovative nature has produced sustainable, long-lasting chairs and tables for indoor and outdoor use, paying attention to market demands, creating unmistakeable, one-off collections in a story where ideas become chairs and chairs become experience.

Avant-garde and visionary since the Sixties, striving contemporaneously for functionality and innovation along the way, product after product, each has told a new story.

From its foundation in 1960, Arrmet has been ahead of its times, using steel to manufacture furniture for communities. Those were the days when Arrmet was taking its first steps in tube bending using the “sand filling” method, producing seats, benches and furnishing accessories for schools. Those were the days when the company’s industrial slant, present from the very start, enabled it to enter the naval supply market, a sector that already favoured steel as a modern, reliable material. When Italy’s “Chair Triangle” was already an international hub producing chairs and furniture made of wood, Arrmet, firmly based on its founders’ avant-garde thinking, was offering a product that was different, original and full of technology and design, which gradually found an outlet, not only on the community, but also on the residential and hospitality markets.